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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why aren't you answering my/our email? I've sent several requests and never received an answer.

A1: We have recently had to upgrade our mail server to include a Spam Filter to reduce the amount of junk email we receive as we were literally receiving thousands of junk email per week along with serious inquiries and even order requests. If you have some problems with an order or need assistance call or send us an inquiry form through our site as those do not get considered as spam.

Q: My order was put on hold. How can I expedite the process?

A1: If any of your contact information is left blank, filled with "N/A", or scrambled letters chances are your order was put aside as orders with complete information are tended to first. If you want your order to be a high priority please fill out your information completely.

A2: Sometimes the item you requested is not in stock. When some items are ordered it can take up to 3 weeks to get in. We realize this is a major inconvenience, but some of the larger distributors/suppliers have long lead times to get product out. If this is a high priority item, please let us know so if it is not in stock and you need it immediately we can make other arrangements for you.

Q: My order hasn't arrived yet. Why has no one has notified me about its whereabouts?

A: If there is no phone number or email address listed in your contact information when submitting an order and there is a problem or question regarding your order it may cause a delay in its processing. Please fill out all the contact information so that we may better serve you.

We do not sell your contact information to third party companies or make solicitations to you by phone or email.

Q: Why don't I get a tracking number soon after placing the order?

A: When your order is received it needs to be packaged for shipment. Since some chemical products can not be packaged together, there could me multiple boxes. To obtain your tracking number, please either email to or call 1-800-725-8893 (Post Apple Scientific, Inc.).

Q: Why is my order taking so long to arrive?

A: Due to increased orders Post Apple Scientific, Inc. regrets that orders may take 10-14 days to be shipped. Rush orders are still given the highest priority, but normal orders may take up to 14 days. If you have any questions regarding the new policy please call 1-800-725-8893 and ask for Carl or Gordon.

Q: What do you mean by "Truck Freight" on some items?

A: "Truck Freight" means the item must go by semi or tractor trailer; UPS and Fed Ex will not carry the item. To offset the cost, you may need to order with another person or company or buy a large volume of that product.

Q: I tried to call and there was this strange message that my call was blocked. What does that mean?

A: Sometimes ChemAssociates is bombarded with solicitations from phone numbers that have their caller ID blocked. If your business has their caller ID blocked, then you may need to dial *82 and then our phone number in order to reach us. We apologize for the inconvenience but we would like to focus our time with our customers rather than solicitors.