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ChemAssociates has released a second shopping cart for our friends at Post Apple Scientific, Inc. separate from the rest of the products offered on our site. This is to help clarify drop-ship issues and improve the accuracy of shipping charges. The site redirect will take you to Post Apple Scientific, Inc.'s site for reagents, laboratory equipment, and aeroseptic pre-tape sprays.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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In Association with

Security Information
The ChemAssociates web site is certified with a VeriSign digital certificate or Secure Server ID. VeriSign is a trusted third party Certification Authority, dedicated to providing secure online transactions. The Secure Server ID protects credit card numbers, online forms, and other confidential information from interception and hacking.

The VeriSign Secure Site seal enables end users to determine that our site is authentic and enabled with SSL encryption. By using a Secure Server ID from VeriSign, our site conducts authenticated, encrypted online commerce. Users visiting our site will be able to submit credit card numbers or other personal information with the assurance that they are really doing business with us (and not an impostor) and that the information they are sending to us cannot be intercepted or decrypted by anyone other than the intended recipient.

Ordering Information
Once an order is received, credit card transactions are handled manually (shipping quotes are made after the orders are transferred to our suppliers since products may come from different locations and by different carriers).

Payment Options
1. Credit Cards

ChemAssociates makes payment simple. There are several options available for all customers - big and small. Depending on the order, some orders are forwarded to the suppliers and clients of ChemAssociates to process the credit card transactions. ChemAssociates accepts Visa, American Express, and MasterCard for all purchases online or offline (such as orders by phone, fax, email, etc.). Be sure your accounting department is aware that credit card purchases are handled by Post Apple Scientific, Inc., which appears on the credit card invoice.

If you experience any problems while making an online purchase, please feel free to call or fax your requisition in (see "Contact Us" in this section below).

2. Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are also available, but requires a credit check prior to purchase. This option is also only available to businesses or individuals with at least 2 previous purchases and with good credit referral.

3. Personal Checks and Money Orders

ChemAssociates and it's suppliers will accept personal checks or money orders/cashiers checks to complete a transaction. Products will only be shipped in the event that personal checks are cleared.

*Please note - If a chemical product is purchased that can be used for illegal or malicious intent, a letter of intended use (and in some cases) only on company letterhead is required to finalize an order. Falsifying identification or forgery is punishable by federal, state, and local laws and ChemAssociates will assist the proper authorities in securing any company or individual acting in criminal behavior.

4. PayPal and Auction Items

Recently, ChemAssociates added the PayPal option to customers who have accounts with PayPal. If you would like an account with PayPal, click on the link at the bottom of this page. Also, if you intend on using PayPal to pay for an order**, you must specify that is the preferred method of payment (in the "Special Ordering Instructions" box when ordering) and you have received a quote for shipping. At this time, shipping charges are not automatically calculated through the site (due to products coming from different suppliers such as purchasing an antifoam product, diffusion pump oil, and glassware in the same order; these items all come from IL, MO, and PA respectively).

5. Contact Us

If you are not comfortable with making purchases online, please feel free to call or fax your requisition in.

Phone: 1-814-725-3330
Fax: 1-814-725-8103

International Inquiries
If you are an international customer or supplier, we suggest sending inquiries by email for cost effectiveness. Please click on the "Contact Us" button at the top of the page. We are prompt with our responses.

For our business/corporate customers and educational institutions: If you would like a Spectrum Laboratory Products catalog and a schedule of our discounts, please send us an inquiry and we'll send it to you promptly. Fill out our inquiry form below.

Be aware that shipping costs for hazardous materials are quite costly for international orders. Orders from Spectrum depart from ZIP codes 90248 and 08901. Spectrum does not deliver to non-business customers and residential addresses. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Non-business/residential customers in need of scientific supplies should click here to browse product listings and place orders from Post Apple Scientific, Inc.

Phone: 1-814-725-3330
Fax: 1-814-725-8103

Make  payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and  secure!

**ChemAssociates now accepts credit card payments by PayPal, too. This is only for auction items and lab equipment. We will now accept payment via PayPal for chemical products, but only after review by ourselves and our suppliers. Make note, we need to calculate the shipping charges before billing you. If you don't already have an account, sign up now! It's easy, free, secure, and very convenient.

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