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(These comments are in no way endorsed by Unicity Network. They are made freely by the author.)

Thank you for taking a moment to read about my advocation of the products you were just browsing. A few months ago I was tired all the time even after a good night's sleep or even a nap. I knew my diet wasn't the greatest but my health is good and I'm still fairly young.

I came across Al Davino at Dynamax and he suggested I try a few products. Among them were Herbal Voltage, the Paraway Pack, and Bios Life 2.

Although my cholesterol is not extremely high, it was high enough for me to take notice and preemptive steps to stave off heart problems later in life. I talked to my family doctor, Dr. John Dudzinski in North East, PA, about Bios Life 2 and he not only recommends the product but takes it himself. After I talked with him I became more interested and eager to try these products.

Herbal Voltage is an energy drink designed to give you a pick-up similar to how a cup of coffee would, but this has a mixture of vitamin B's and other nutrients along with some caffeine (I find the effect similar to drinking Red Bull or Amp by the makers of Mt. Dew). I usually mix a packet into an old 16oz. iced tea bottle with warm/hot water and refrigerate it for later use.

The Paraway Pack is designed to remove parasites and toxins from the body. With my not-so-balanced diet I was not consuming enough soluble and insoluble fiber to remove the toxins from my blood and digestive tract. There is also a portion of the Pack for removing parasites. I did some reading on the subject and found out it is very easy to get parasites from pets, foods, etc. A little later I will post a few links to some of the information I found.

Melatonin is produced by the body to encourage the body to sleep at night. Some of us, myself included, find that getting a good night's sleep is sometimes nearly impossible. Whether it's daily stress or just from getting the sleep schedule off track from a few days of long hours at work, I sometimes found it necessary to take a sleeping aid once in awhile. I started taking this product about 2 months ago and have found the results remarkable. I actually do not need a full dose; I can take a half dose and still fall asleep fast. When I wake up I don't feel groggy or doped. The tablet dissolves in your mouth and begin working very soon afterwards. The tablets are also mildly mint flavored so they don't have that terrible medicine taste. I very highly recommend this product.

I'm not a doctor, but from my experience I recommend taking the Paraway Pack to get the toxins and potential parasites out of your system before diving headfirst into supplements and the like. This way your body more efficiently absorbs the nutrients into your body.

I have found that after taking these products as directed I have significantly increased my overall energy and well-being. I feel better now than I have in over 3 years. If you've been thinking about taking steps to improve your health and how you feel, I believe these products can be a great start and complement a healthier diet and exercise.

Michael S. Bemiss
North East, PA

Look for scientific books, manuals, etc.!